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i'm a liar

i know that. please do forgive me. i need that as you are the only one for me. leave the past behind. it was their actual place before. don't drag it to the future please :(

i'm a total jerk :( please do forgive me khalida khadri.

i know that you hate me so much now. but then please don't ever leave me!

and i admit once again, i'm a LIAR. please do forgive me on that ya baby?

what a wonderful world :D

we've been through a lot this week. although it was our second last week for semester two PPISMP, but we managed to enjoy it to the fullest. we hang out a lot this week :) i really appreciate it baby!

pantai bachok :) our first beautiful scenery. 

muka panas duduk depan pantai :P 

tetiba jumpa camera terus senyum!

" hehe camera aku juga, tak apalah tak perlu nak cover sangat kan? "

" tudung baru dah, tapi kenapa macam bundle punya eh? " haha!

" okay skarang nampak macam tudung baru keluar kilang! " *tudung baru tu.

at last ada juga gambar cameraman yang bibir seksi ini :)

muka nak bajet brad pik ja kan?

" whoa my brad pik! nak makan ja sebab awak comel sangat! "

" saya cakap dekat pasir bukan awak ya cameraman? "

" okay okay fine -,- "

kecilnya helikopter ni! - kata sang godzilla 'bonbon'.

" you jump, i'll catch you! "

mocha blended after the whole tiring day :0

err chicken vegetables i think? -,-